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Identifying your job search priorities.

March 12, 20242 min read



  1. Networking is Key: Start with LinkedIn to create a professional profile, connect with alumni, and engage in industry-specific groups and discussion.

  2. Dig into Company Websites: Scour the careers page for job listings and HR contacts, and keep an eye on press releases for potential leads.

  3. Get Social with Your Job Hunt: Follow and interact with companies and employees on Twitter, and check out Facebook for any career-focused pages.

  4. Leverage Online Portals: Glassdoor and Indeed are gold mines for company insights and sometimes provide HR contact details.

  5. Utilize Web Directories: Use tools like and RocketReach to unearth email patterns and contact information with a few free searches.

  6. Verify Emails Before Sending: Tools like Voila Norbert and NeverBounce can help confirm you’re emailing active accounts.

  7. Hit Up Job Fairs: Attending career events can put you face-to-face with company reps—don’t forget your business card or resume!

  8. Try Cold Contacting: A well-thought-out cold email or call can make an impact if you offer a compelling reason to be considered.

  9. Accessorize Your Efforts with Additional Resources: Check out the websites listed above for more help on your contact-seeking quest.

  10. Contact with Care: Always personalize your approach, keep it succinct, and don’t forget to follow up.

Let's cut to the chase: job hunting is a necessary evil. In fact, it is a full-time job. It's about doing it smarter. Having a structure to fall back on can be agile as you go through the process. Additionally, this part is not often talked about. It's important to fall back on that structure when your mental and emotional strength are not at their highest.

On the job hunt, finding the right contacts is half the battle. Networking should be your first move, and there's no better battlefield than LinkedIn. Optimize that profile and start sniffing around for connections—think alumni, industry groups, the whole nine yards. Don't overlook the company website; the careers section is pure gold for contact info, and press releases might just flash an email worth noting.

Social media platforms are not just for your daily memes—they're hotspots for job seekers, too! Twitter's buzzing with company news, and Facebook might lead you to a dedicated career page. Next, you’ve got online treasures like Glassdoor and Indeed—think of them like your job search Swiss Army knife, keeping you informed and sometimes even hooking you up with HR contacts.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a detective, go on a scavenger hunt with web directories like or RocketReach—free searches can yield the golden email pattern you need. And hey, ever sent an email that vanished into the void? Avoid ghosting with tools like Voila Norbert and NeverBounce to ensure those addresses are legit.

When reaching out, tailor that message, be clear and punchy, and don’t be shy to nudge with a follow-up. Remember, networking is not just spamming—respect privacy, and don't be that person who doesn't take a hint if there’s radio silence.

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